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24/7 support

Shipping requires 24/7. Dedja Shipping is at your disposal.

On time delivery

Specifically Dedja Shipping offer logistic management services and supply chain to reach time efficiency.

Worldwide Consultancy

The years of experience enable us to give our precious consultancy to our customers in different sectors in shipping, worldwide.

Our services

Dedja shipping offer shipping services and port operations to her import and export customers. Mainly they are shipowners, charterers and traders in Albanian ports. We also facilitates cargo process, loading & discharging delivery of goods from and to ports of DurresVloreSarande and Shengjin

Using our years of experience, knowledge and maritime expertise, we are beating market costs in the highest levels of competition.

The husbandry services to ships are performed on a regular basis in each and every port of Albania, whether in anchorage or alongside.

Crew Change of any nationality is performed at highest efficiency except OFAC / USA sanctions / exclusions.

Bunker, FW and Food supply are rendered at master’s and company’s satisfaction, on time delivery.

Anchorage services such as top up and lighterage of ships with draft over 8 meters due to port restriction, are organized with feeders with albanian flegged ships in order to meet the requirement of cabottage .

Our history

The founder of the company, Cpt Artur Dedja, as a former Navy Officer and former Master on dry Sector, apart from the afore mentioned services:

He is aslo leading the process of rendering service to military and government ships nominated and only exclusively controlled by NATO Alliance calling Albania.

Dedja Shipping shpk, holds the family surname and it’s a subsidiary of Dedja Shipping Inc. FL, USA as Head Quarter.

Dedja Shipping Inc. FL, is dealing internationally as Shipbrokers and Commodity Traders without interfering to his actual customers, in minerals, energy, alimentary food, agriproducts and construction aggregates.


Tanker sector is a new branch operating in Albanian Terminals like Romano Port, MBM,  PIA, where we are offering our best in time and costs to petroleum and LPG tankers, at highest transparency.




Members of FONASBA and AGENTS ONE.

Our motto is:

"Rendering service at highest standards"

We do not serve any country, company or entity, which are sanctioned and excluded from OFAC / US / UN.
We reserve our rights against any counterparty which is not disclosing such information in advance before dealing/performing with us.

Our Services

Managed From Durres, Albania Office

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Our Services

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Sale & Purchase

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