Dedja Shipping Terms & Conditions

DEDJA SHIPPING is acting as yacht agents in all Albanian ports, rendering a wide range of services: yacht agency

  • Designed yacht agent.
  • Bunkering at duty free with best prices.
  • Provisions, wines, spirits, catering. yacht agency
  • Travel arrangements, exclusive excursions.
  • Car, Minivan, Helicopter hire.
  • Security Guards and VIP concierge services.
  • Resident agent, registration of yachts under Albanian Flag.
  • Crew change for all crew VISA /NON visa required, if applicable.
  • ON/OFF hire survey.
  • Divers
  • Land/air transport by boat or to the airport.
  • Winter berth reservation and arrangements.
  • Spare parts/repairs/batteries/bridge equipment.
  • Internal cleaning and external washing & polishing.
  • Laundry services.

We can offer the above services 24/7 while crossing the Adriatic. 

Reach your destination 100% safe & secure